TRVPACKDO (with Drain Off)

  • Pack contains TRV & Lockshield
  • For flow or return
  • Easy fit to suit 10-15mm
  • Standard 1/2” tails
CODE: TRVPACKDO (White with Drain Off)


Thermostatic valves are typically used for regulating the fluid flow to the radiators of central heating systems. They are provided with a regulating element which automatically controls the opening of the valve to keep the ambient temperature of the room where they are installed constant at the set value.

The number on the valve corresponds to a specific air temperature (3 = Approximately 20°C). Once you have selected a number, the thermostatic valve will maintain this temperature. This prevents unwanted temperature rises and achieves considerable energy savings. The quality is up to the requirement of EN215 and BS7556 standards.

The TRVPACKDO Pack includes a manual lockshield valve with an integrated drain-off valve, allowing for the convenient removal of water from the system and enabling the balancing of individual radiators to achieve optimal heat distribution. It is recommended that all installation and maintenance work be carried out by a professional.

LS1DO Lockshield Spec:

  • Bidirectional Flow (Either direction through the body)
  • 15mm compression fittings
  • Supplied with 1/2″ BSP Tailpiece
  • Complete with a drain-off port
  • Supplied with witches hat for lockshield applications
  • Robust high-quality chrome finish with white knob
  • Dual Function, can be used as lockshield or wheel head

TRV2 Thermostatic Radiator Valve Spec:

  • Fully reversible
  • For flow or return
  • Vertical or horizontal head
  • Range 7°C to 28°C
  • Easy fit to suit 10-15mm
  • Liquid sensor
  • Chrome plate body
  • Frost protection setting
  • Standard 1/2” tail
  • Maximum working pressure 10 bar
PACK CODE: TRVPACKDO (White with Drain Off)

Additional information

Weight .443 kg
Dimensions 150 × 80 × 45 mm



10mm Reducer Kit


TRV 1 Piece 10mm Reducer Kit