Remote Fuel Stop Valve 66°

Code:     Capillary Length:
TPX01    1.5 Metres
TPX02    3.0 Metres
TPX03    6.0 Metres
TPX04    9.0 Metres
TPX05    15 Metres

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Remote Fuel Stop Valve 66°C

One good reason for installing a Fire Valve in your house if you have a furnace that burns either fuel oil or liquefied petroleum gas is to be safe and minimise the risk of fire.

Oil fired boilers are a blend of electrical and mechanical components developed to produce a fire that is very carefully managed to heat your home to the temperature you desire, regardless of how cold it gets outside.

If any one of the many components fails within the oil fired boiler it could possibly result in the fire escaping the confines of the boiler and damage your property.

A Fire Valve will stop the fire escaping.

  • Minimizes the risk of a fire due to overheating
  • Works with oil or liquefied petroleum gas
  • Compatible with Bio Oil burners
  • Valve is installed in the fuel line to stop supply
  • Connects to the temp sensor by capillary tube
  • Sensor trigger point options 66°C
  • Sleep easy knowing you are protected

Fire Valve instructions