TRADE03 Magnetic Filter

Now supplied with 12000 Gauss Magnet!

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  1. New Design Boiler Magnetic Water Filter
  2. Material of main body: PA66 30% glass fibre
  3. Working pressure: 3 bar
  4. Maximum pressure: 12 bar
  5. Maximum temperature: 120°C
  6. Magnetic field of rod: 12000 gauss
  7. Connection 2 x ball valves – Ø22 or Ø28 compression fittings
  8. FiIter volume: 530ml
  • Removing iron, nickel and cobalt particles in the water
  • Saving energy by up to 6% per annum
  • Providing consistent protection for the boiling system
  • Reducing carbon emission
  • Saving maintenance cost
  • Extending longevity of the system
  • Easy to install and clean.

CODE: TRADE03 (22mm)
CODE: TRADE03-28MM (28mm)

Additional information

Weight 1.570 kg
Dimensions 50 × 75 × 150 mm

TRADE03 Magnetic Filter User Instructions


22mm TRADE03 Magnetic Filter Spec Sheet


28mm TRADE03-28MM Magnetic Filter Spec Sheet