ABBV1ST auto-bypass valve

● 22mm Straight Automatic Bypass Valve
● Reduces system noise
● Maintains an even system pressure
● Constant flow through the boiler

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The Tower ABBV1ST straight Automatic bypass valve should be fitted where a boiler bypass is required. Typically this is the case when a system is equipped with thermostatic radiator vaIves (TRV‘s), and to allow pump overrun operation after zone valves have closed down.

TRV’s slowly close down as each radiator raises the room temperature. To overcome Flow restriction as TRV’s close down, the ABBV1ST is adjusted to the required set point. As the system resistance increases due to TRV’s closing, the ABBV1ST allows the flow to Increase in order to maintain the required pre-set system differential pressure. The regulation provided will reduce system noise that can result from TRVs or zone valves closing, eliminate pump impeller wear that can result from high flow resistance and enhance the life of the boiler‘s heat exchanger by ensuring a minimum flow rate at all times.

Installation should be in a loop between flow and return after the pump. Ensure that the flow is in the direction of the arrow on the ABBV1ST body. Rotate the adjustment head until the required setting number is visible, and lock the valve at that point by tightening the screw on top of the adjuster. Refer to the recommendations in the boiler instructions and the pressure /flow rates detailed below to decide which setting is required.

● High capacity flow up to 50 litres per minute
● Wide differential pressure range 0.1 bar to 0.6 bar
● 22mm Compression fittings
● Reduces system noise
● Maintains an even system pressure
● Constant flow through the boiler
● Lockable set pressure

Product Code: ABBV1ST (Straight 22mm Automatic Bypass valve)

ABBV1 & ABBV1ST Spec Sheet