Automatic Air Separator 22mm

Reduces noise in the system
Automatically eliminates air from the system
22mm Compression fittings
AIREL 22mm Automatic Air Vent

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The Tower AIREL is the ultimate defence for your heating system, featuring a combination of automatic air-venting and stainless steel system filtration in a brass body. Air in a heating system can cause excess noise in the radiators and pipes. It can severely impact system performance by preventing radiators from heating up properly as they no longer fill entirely with water. This can lead to corrosion and damage to components such as boilers, valves, radiators, and pumps.

Our technical experts have ensured that the advanced design features of the Tower AIREL allow the effective removal of air and non-magnetic system debris, whilst minimizing pressure loss. The AIREL should be installed on the flow pipe immediately after the boiler, with system water diverted through our 2-way diverter into the AIREL body.

Our full-bore design maximizes flow, and the stainless steel particulate filter agitates system water, forcing air bubbles to rise upwards into the vent chamber while trapping any non-magnetic debris from the system. The automatic air-vent purges trapped air from the discreetly vented cap, keeping the system air-free and operating at maximum efficiency. When partnered with our range of magnetic filters, the Tower AIREL air separator provides the highest system protection, safeguarding your boiler, system, and components.

  • Removes air and non-magnetic system debris
  • Prevents excess noise in radiators and pipes
  • Improves system performance
  • Protects components such as boilers, valves, radiators and pumps
  • High level of system protection with magnetic filters
  • Easy installation on flow pipe after the boiler
  • 2-way diverter for effective removal of air and debris
  • Full-bore design maximizes flow
  • Stainless steel particulate filter agitates system water and traps debris
  • 22mm Compression fittings for easy installation
  • Automatic air-vent purges trapped air for maximum efficiency


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AIREL 22mm Automatic Air Vent & Filtration

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