Plastic Pipe Shrouds and Collars

  • Conceal exposed pipework for a polished home aesthetic
  • Variety of colours and finishes to match any décor
  • Easy installation with no disassembly required
  • Compatible with existing 15mm pipes and radiator valves
  • Supplied lengths 130mm, 200mm & 300mm
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Enhance Your Home’s Aesthetic with Our Plastic Pipe Shrouds and Collars

Are you tired of unsightly plumbing ruining the aesthetic of your home? Look no further! Our Plastic Pipe Shrouds and Collars provide the perfect solution to conceal exposed pipework, giving your home a neat and sophisticated appearance. Perfect for new builds or existing homes undergoing refurbishment or extension, our Pipe Covers save you time and money while elevating your décor.

Our Pipe Covers are available in a variety of colours and finishes to match any interior design:

  1. Bright White: For a clean, fresh look that complements any décor style.
  2. Polished Chrome: Add a touch of shine and modernity to your home with this reflective finish.
  3. Smokey Grey Anthracite: Ideal for a sleek and sophisticated feel, perfect for contemporary spaces.
  4. Textured Matt Black: A timeless choice for monochrome décors and those who appreciate classic elegance.

High-Quality Material and Adjustable Lengths:

  • Each pack size contains two pipes of equal size and two collars.
  • The pipes are made from high-quality plastic, ensuring durability and a polished appearance.
  • The pipes come in 130mm, 200mm, and 300mm lengths, which can be easily reduced if required, providing a customized fit for your home.

Effortless Installation:

The installation process is incredibly simple, with no need to disassemble your pipework. Just clip the collar onto your pipe, and you’re done! There is no mess, no scratches or scuffs, just beautiful trim that is functional, and sophisticated trim.

Matching Collars for a Seamless Look:

The matching collars, at only 55mm in diameter, can be fitted onto existing 15mm pipes without affecting their functionality. They can be used to tidy up the look of your pipes, making them neat and elegant, whether they pass through a hard floor or a carpeted area. Once installed, you will no longer see unsightly plumbing fittings, but beautiful and stylish trim that adds a touch of sophistication to your home.

Pair with Coordinating Radiator Valves:

For a truly seamless look, pair these Pipe Covers with our white or chrome radiator valves. Alternatively, choose our anthracite or black radiator valves for a modern twist. The possibilities are endless, and the result is always beautiful.

Don’t settle for ugly and unsightly plumbing in your home. Choose our Plastic Pipe Shrouds and Collars for an effortless solution that will elevate your home décor to the next level. With various colours and finishes, easy installation, and the ability to create a seamless look, our Pipe Covers are the perfect addition to any home seeking a polished and sophisticated appearance. Invest in our Pipe Covers today and transform your home’s plumbing into a work of art.

Choose from our range of colours and lengths to find the perfect fit for your home decor:

White: PS130W / PS200W / PS300W, Chrome: PS130C / PS200C / PS300C
Anthracite: PS130A / PS200A / PS300A, Black: PS130B / PS200B / PS300B

Lengths available: 130mm, 200mm and 300mm

Product References:

PS130W: White Pipe Cover – 130mm length
PS200W: White Pipe Cover – 200mm length
PS300W: White Pipe Cover – 300mm length

PS130C: Chrome Pipe Cover – 130mm length
PS200C: Chrome Pipe Cover – 200mm length
PS300C: Chrome Pipe Cover – 300mm length


PS130A: Anthracite Pipe Cover – 130mm length
PS200A: Anthracite Pipe Cover – 200mm length
PS300A: Anthracite Pipe Cover – 300mm length

PS130B: Black Pipe Cover – 130mm length
PS200B: Black Pipe Cover – 200mm length
PS300B: Black Pipe Cover – 300mm length

Collars are available separately in pack Quantities of 10
White: PC15W
Anthracite: PC15A
Black: PC15B
Chrome: PC15C