5 Core Flex Standard PVC Sleeving

  • Standard flex white p.v.c. Sheath
  • Supplied in 50m reels
  • 0.75mm copper

Code: FLX55075 – (5 core)

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Tower multi-core flex allows the interconnection of heating controls, since multi-core connections are required between devices, e.g. 5-core from programmer, or motorised valve.  Standard flex is p.v.c. Insulated. If the installation requires, there are heat resistant versions of the 4 and 5-core flex.

Technical specification:

  • 0.75mm copper 24 / 0.20 stranded conductor compliant with BS 6500
  • Standard flex p.v.c. Insulated
  • Supplied in 50m reels
  • White outer p.v.c. Sheath
  • Inner core insulation colours compliant with BASEC requirements.

Code: FLX55075 – (5 core)

Additional information

Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 240 × 240 × 160 mm

Electrical Flex Specification Sheet