STC1, STC1-A & STC1-B Straight Connectors

Straight Push-Fit Connectors
Size: 15mm Male to 10mm Female
STC1 Chrome (supplied in pairs)
STC1-A Anthracite (supplied Individually)
STC1-B Black (supplied Individually)



Looking to adapt your radiator valves and lockshields to accommodate 10mm plastic pipe? Tower has the perfect solution – our Straight Push-Fit Reducer, available in Chrome, Anthracite, or Black finishes!

Key Features:
Easy Installation: Tower’s Straight Push-Fit Reducer is designed for hassle-free installation with practical push-fit connections. No need for complicated tools or plumbing expertise.

Exceptional Durability: Crafted from high-quality brass and available in Chrome, Anthracite, or Black finishes, this reducer not only adds strength to your heating system but also ensures it will stand the test of time.

Versatile Compatibility: Whether you have Tower valves, lockshields, or other common brands, this push-fit reducer is suitable for most valves, making it a versatile choice for your plumbing needs.

Optimal Performance: Designed to reduce 15mm thermostatic and manual radiator valves to 10mm, it ensures that your heating system functions optimally and efficiently.

Broad Application: This reducer is perfect for use in indirect open-vented or sealed water-filled central heating and/or indirect hot water systems, offering flexibility in its application.

Low Maintenance: Tower’s Straight Push-Fit Reducer requires minimal maintenance. Once installed, you can enjoy worry-free heating without the need for regular aesthetic care.

Connection Type: Straight Push-Fit Reducer
Size: 15mm male x 10mm female
Material: Brass
Available Finishes: Chrome (supplied as a pair), Anthracite & Black (supplied as a single units)
Maximum System Water Temperature: 120°C at 5 bar
Maximum Operating Pressure: 10 bar at 65°C

Important Note:
Please note that this product should only be used in systems containing water. Typically, it’s suitable for the addition of central heating corrosion inhibitors, anti-freeze, or cleaners to the system water, and it is not intended for use with any other substances besides water.

Elevate your heating system’s performance and longevity with Tower’s Straight Push-Fit Reducer 15mm x 10mm, available in Chrome, Anthracite, or Black finishes. Upgrade your plumbing game today!


Product Codes:

STC1 Chrome (supplied in pairs)
STC1-A Anthracite (supplied Individually)
STC1-B Black (supplied Individually)

STC1, STC1-A & STC1-B Data Sheet